Express Your Concern in a Healthy Way

Participate in end-of-life or elder mediation in Eliot, ME

It’s hard to watch your ailing loved ones struggle to maintain their quality of life at home—it’s even harder to convince them it’s time to get a little help. Meredith Mediates will sit down with you and your family members and facilitate a conversation about transitioning to a nursing home. Meredith will give you and your loved ones the communication tools needed to express your intentions and work to achieve a peaceful resolution to any issues.

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Work through family issues with a mediator in Eliot, Maine

If you’re struggling to deal with conflict arising from elder life transitions, Meredith Mediates can help. Meredith can mediate discussions for a variety of end-of-life or elder issues, including:

  • Transitioning to a nursing home
  • Scheduling caregiving responsibilities
  • Safety and health concerns
  • Distributing family property

No matter what type of issues you and your family are going through, Meredith will be there as a sounding board. She’ll teach you how to express your concerns in a healthy way and work toward a peaceful resolution. Call Meredith Mediates at 207-752-4205 to schedule a mediation session.

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