You're in conflict with a loved one.  It may be your spouse, partner, parent or child.  It's hard and it's painful and you just can't see your way through it.

I can help you make it through that difficult conversation as painlessly as possible.  You are likely to smile and even laugh over the course of the conversation.  You may even leave with greater optimism than you had when you first arrived at my office.

To schedule a mediation appointment, call today: 207-752-4205 or email me.

Family Mediation Services in Maine, New Hampshire and New Orleans

My mediation services are offered to families in Maine and New Hampshire who are struggling with conflict. I will be providing these services to New Orleans, LA, residents beginning in the fall of 2016. 

I have helped hundreds of married couples seeking divorce agree upon a contact schedule for their children, fairly divide their assets and debts, and agree upon child support and spousal support.

There are also hundreds of unmarried couples that I have helped agree upon a contact schedule for their children, fairly divide their assets and debts, and agree upon child support.

Let me help you, too.  Call today:  207-752-4205 or email me.

Couples Counselors, Therapists, Psychologists

I have a lot of experience working with counselors, therapists and psychologists. If the couple you are working with just can't seem to come to an agreement, please refer them to me. I'd be happy to help.

From one of my clients...

Meredith helped my wife and me end our marriage peacefully and equitably. We came to her with a basic understanding of what we wanted to accomplish but no idea of how to actually do it. We also have a dependent child, which makes the process more complicated. Meredith provided knowledgeable, even-handed guidance.  She helped us navigate the court filings and told us what to expect from the process. The court approved our agreement with no changes. Divorce may not be a fundamentally positive experience, but Meredith's experience and advice helped us make it virtually seamless and conflict-free.
~Michael McGrail