Deal With Workplace Disputes Head-On

Workplace conflict resolution training in Eliot, ME

When there are conflicts cropping up in the workplace, it brings everyone down. Production and morale can take a serious hit if you aren’t proactive in ending any internal issues. Luckily, Meredith Mediates is just a phone call away. Meredith has extensive experience meeting with individuals or teams in workplace environments to train on conflict resolution. She will teach you how to approach problems in the office in a healthy, professional way.

Your employees will feel empowered thanks to this solution-focused approach. Give your team the tools they need to successfully handle conflict—contact Meredith Mediates about workplace mediation, dynamic facilitation, or independent fact-finding.

Experience the benefits of workplace mediation services

If you’re having trouble maintaining a peaceful, productive workplace, contact Meredith Mediates in Eliot, Maine immediately. Meredith will assess the best course of action that will help proactively resolve disputes. Workplace mediation can:

  • Empower your employees to successfully navigate conflict
  • Prevent future problems at work
  • Keep workplace issues confidential and out of court

Meredith can also coach Human Resource teams and individual employees, or even lead larger team trainings on conflict resolution. Learn more about workplace mediation and conflict resolution by calling Meredith Mediates at 207-752-4205.

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