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Hi, I’m Meredith and I would love to help you through your conflict!  In our work together, I will stretch your comfort zone, allow for some introspection, and strengthen your communication and collaboration abilities. I’ll also try to bring some fun into it, as I did in the Segway workshop pictured above. One participant said:

What a Blast! Not sure which was more impressive: riding a Segway through Portsmouth on a beautiful September day or the parallels between mediation and riding a Segway. A truly transformative day! ~ Mary Sargent, Certified Family Mediator, Nashua, NH

Now for the serious stuff.

Meredith Richardson, Esq., is a conflict management specialist, coaching people through conflict.  She has spent years of her life (literally) sitting with people in conflict as a Mediator, Dynamic Facilitator, Trainer, and Conflict Coach.  The links to her social media accounts are below. Please join her.

Meredith began working in conflict as an attorney, a litigator.  In that role, she found that the people who came to her often were quite skilled at fighting, but seemed to have lost the ability to get along.  She wanted to help them to navigate conflict successfully, and she has done so for years using mediation, Dynamic Facilitation, conflict coaching, and training.

Now, she is specifically looking for people who are stuck in conflict and want to move through it, doing their own individual work to do so. Who are some typical clients?

  1. People who would like to mediate but the other side won’t come to the table.

  2. People contemplating divorce.

  3. People experiencing conflict at work.

  4. Parents who are having trouble co-parenting or are frustrated by conflicts with their children.

  5. Stepparents. It’s hard to be a stepparent. There’s a saying - Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did, but she did it all backwards and wearing heels. Stepparenting can feel like that.

  6. Adult siblings trying to come to agreement about or with an aging parent.

Karen Groat

Karen has been working directly with mediators, families, communities and outside organizations for more than 17 years specializing in complex family conflict and systems.  She is the former Director of Opportunity Alliance’s former Mediation Services Program. Karen has taught Transformative Mediation for years and has trained hundreds of mediators. She has also improved the skills of hundreds of mediators through coaching and training. She sits on the Board of Governors for the Maine Association of Mediators.  

She can be reached at 207-632-1111.

Transformative Mediation

Karen leans toward the transformative style of mediation, where the goal is to have a discussion in which both sides feel supported and empowered and are able to gain a clearer understanding of their position and the other person's.  Karen will happily brainstorm with you and attempt to problem solve if you wish, but she is really there to empower you so that you can make the best decisions possible.

Dynamic Facilitation

Karen doesn't just facilitate with one white board -- she uses 3 at the same time!  Dynamic Facilitation is solution-focused and helps the participants to tackle tough topics and to move from stuck to action.  It can be used with a team that is unsure about how best to move forward.  It can be used with a small or large group that is in conflict.

Mediation Training

Karen provides mediation training for individuals and organizations.  She also provides coaching for mediators looking to improve their mediation skills. As the former Director of Opportunity Alliance’s former Mediation Services Program, Karen trained hundreds of mediators, providing thousands of hours of training.