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Below, you can read about my qualifications as a mediator, facilitator, independent fact finder, conflict coach and trainer.  Above, you can see that I like to make the process fun where appropriate.  In our work together, I will stretch your comfort zone, allow for some introspection, and strengthen your communication and collaboration abilities.  The Segway workshop above is just one way to do that. Here's what one participant said:

What a Blast! Not sure which was more impressive: riding a Segway through Portsmouth on a beautiful September day or the parallels between mediation and riding a Segway. A truly transformative day!
~ Mary Sargent, Certified Family Mediator, Nashua, NH

Now for the serious stuff.

Meredith Richardson, Esq., CPC, is a conflict management specialist.  She works as a Mediator, Dynamic Facilitator, Trainer, and Conflict Coach in Maine, New Hampshire, and New Orleans, LA.  The links to her social media accounts are below. Please join her.

Meredith began working in conflict as an attorney, a litigator.  In that role, Meredith found that the people who came to her often were quite skilled at fighting, but seemed to have lost the ability to get along.  She wanted to help them to navigate conflict successfully.  Mediation, Dynamic Facilitation, conflict coaching, and training all allow her to do that.

Transformative Mediation

Meredith leans toward the transformative style of mediation, where the goal is to have a discussion in which both sides feel supported and empowered and are able to gain a clearer understanding of their position and the other person's.  Meredith will happily brainstorm with you and attempt to problem solve if you wish, but she is really there to empower you so that you can make the best decisions possible.

Dynamic Facilitation

Meredith doesn't just facilitate with one white board -- she uses 3 at the same time!  Dynamic Facilitation is solution-focused and helps the participants to tackle tough topics and to move from stuck to action.  It can be used with a team that is unsure about how best to move forward.  It can be used with a small or large group that is in conflict.

Conflict Coaching and Training

Meredith trains individuals and groups on how conflict occurs and how it can be managed.  As a conflict coach, she assists people in having difficult discussions and provides feedback as to how to move from conflict to collaboration.  She also assists in strategizing how best to handle a difficult situation or discussion.

Education and Experience

Meredith has always enjoyed learning, whether in a traditional setting or from those around her.  She is intrigued by different cultures, personalities, languages, etc.  Meredith graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in 1987.  She received her BA in Russian, with a minor in French, from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990.   While at Penn, she studied abroad in France (at La Sorbonne and at L'Institut de Touraine) and in Russia (at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow).  She also reestablished family ties in Norway.  After graduation from Penn, Meredith moved out to San Francisco and started law school in 1992.  Meredith received her law degree from Hastings College of the Law in 1994. 

Meredith has a long tradition of volunteering and helping others.  She instinctively reaches out to those in need.  Meredith is on the Board and the Executive Committee for Sweeter, an organization that does a great deal for children and adults in Maine.  She has served on the Boards of both the Maine Association of Mediators and the NH Conflict Resolution Association.  Meredith is a member of South Church in Portsmouth, NH, and has volunteered there in multiple capacities, creating an annual retreat at Star Island, serving on the Board, as a Worship Associate, as a Fellowship Associate, and more.  Meredith has served on the Executive Board of the Maine Guardian Ad Litem Institute, on the Board of Family Care Services, on the Board for the Warner House, and as President of the Friends of the Portsmouth Public Library.  Meredith has also volunteered at an animal shelter, at a legal aid clinic, on a domestic violence hotline, at a juvenile detention center, and at a nursing home.