Change can be really hard, even when we ourselves have chosen it (and especially when we have not). I can help you get through change successfully.


Do you want help navigating life's changes?

Hi! I'm Meredith Richardson...

I’m an author and a coach. I help people to change, to manage change, and to get through change. I have spent years as a conflict management specialist helping people, organizations, and businesses navigate the challenges and changes that conflict brings.  Now, I focus on one part of that piece - change management. How can you take whatever life is throwing at you and make the best out of it? Let me coach you through it.

I’ve had my own experiences with change, both for the good and for the bad. I’ve survived an attempted kidnapping and I was instrumental in bringing the man who attacked me to justice. I wrote a book about it and am working to get it published.

I’ve spent the last year wandering the globe, reconnecting with some of the best people I know, learning about myself, and completely reinventing my career, all while writing and selling a book and also learning Norwegian. It’s been a good year. At the same time, I don’t know that I could have filled it with any more change. It was a big, beautiful year and it also has been unstable, unsettling, and anxiety-producing, as only change can be.

If you’re struggling with change, let me help.


Meredith presents "Taking the Craziness Out of Conflict"