Conflict in the workplace puts stress on those involved in the conflict as well as those around it.  It decreases productivity and increases the number of sick days taken, both for mental health reasons as well as for physical health reasons.  You have a number of options to address the conflict proactively.

  1. Transformative Mediation can be used between individuals or within a group or team to improve communication and move through conflict. We can tackle the tough issues together. The parties will be empowered to come up with their own, workable solution.

  2. Dynamic Facilitation can also be used between individuals or within a group or team to get unstuck or to tackle a tough issue. You've probably seen facilitation with one white board? We use 3! The participants present their perspectives on what is happening, the data they may have, and their potential solutions to the problem, with any concerns they have about how to implement those solutions. Dynamic Facilitation moves people from stuck to solutions, from inaction to action.

  3. Conflict Coaching. Do you have an employee that is difficult to get along with, that irritates his colleagues and yourself and is starting to harm productivity? Karen and Meredith can provide conflict coaching to one or more participants in the conflict helping each to see their part in the conflict and navigate the conflict more effectively.

  4. Training. Maybe you want an experiential training on how people react to conflict both in their bodies and in their minds. This can be done proactively when change is imminent, such as a merger or a substantial change in policy or expectations. It can also be done after the change has been implemented and conflict has arisen as a result. Maybe you want your employees trained as mediators so that you don’t have to call in the external consultants. Let’s talk.

Throughout the spring of 2017, Meredith provided training in conflict to the students of WorkReadyNH through Great Bay Community College.

In 2016, Meredith began offering a six-hour crash course, "Using Transformative Mediation Skills to Help Solve Workplace Conflicts."

Meredith provided a communication workshop to York Hospital's department managers. Here's the reaction from their former COO:

Dear Meredith,
I would like to thank you for the outstanding communication workshop you presented to my department managers.
As we discussed, Health Care is in the midst of great change, requiring organizations to be as flexible as possible. Communication is the cornerstone in navigating those changes.
I really appreciate the time you spent with me prior to your presentation, discussing our organization's culture, values and desired outcomes.
Your presentation was interactive, entertaining and spot on! My managers came away with a better understanding of how they can be more effective in communicating our vision, values and direction.
Many thanks for a job well done and I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Sincerely, Stephen Pelletier, (now retired COO, York Hospital)

The retreat Meredith facilitated for Millyard Communications in 2014 was so well received that Meredith was asked to facilitate their retreat in 2015 as well.

Our retreat in 2014 with you was the most transformative retreat in the 10 years I have been a part of this company. Your questions prompted us to think so differently about so much of what we do. We have been on a brainstorming and deployment marathon, launching an e-newsletter in December; launching a new national digital magazine by the end of this month; restructuring a competition we’ve hosted for 17 years; exploring new investigative reporting; hiring an innovation coordinator; launching a new expo in fall 2015 and looking at a new transformative event for 2016. And I am probably missing a few things.
So thank you for setting us on a new course.
Heidi Copeland, Publisher, Business NH Magazine and Owner, Millyard Communications, Inc.