Keep your lawyer on the side for legal advice, keep your therapist on the side to tend to your emotional needs, and hire a mediator to help you to successfully navigate conflict. It could save your relationship.


A Comfortable Setting...

I know you're stressed.  My office is designed to be as relaxing as possible.  Come, sit, and let's talk. Whatever conflict is going on in your life, we can see what we can do to resolve it.


Want to learn how to resolve conflict in your home and work life?

Hi I'm Meredith Richardson...

and I am a conflict management specialist.  I will help you through your conflict using mediation and conflict coaching. Make an appointment with me in Maine, New Hampshire or even New Orleans!


Meredith presents "Taking the Craziness Out of Conflict"

Experiencing employee issues?

I work to mediate conflict between individuals, teams and groups as well as provide communications and team-building training for groups of employees. Employees that work together can accomplish greatness!