Save The Date: Friday, October 13, 2017!

NHRA Presents the Ethics World Cafe: What Would You Do?

Meredith of Meredith Mediates will be facilitating the World Cafe for the first 2 hours of this Ethics Workshop, then facilitating the panel discussion for the last hour, as well as being a panelist herself. This is an excellent opportunity to experience an interactive approach to ethics, as well as gain some insight into the world of mediation.

Bonus: FMCB has pre-approved these workshops for 3 Ethics credits!

See the Opportunity in Every Conflict

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Dealing with conflict can be difficult, especially if you’re focused entirely on the problem itself. Take care of the issue and see the possibilities it offers by consulting with Meredith Mediates. Meredith is a conflict management specialist who can act as a mediator when difficult situations arise at home or at work. A former litigator and guardian ad litem, she has the skill set and experience needed to help teach you the ability to cope emotionally and within the letter of the law. During a disagreement, Meredith will sit down with all involved parties and work with you to achieve a peaceful resolution to the matter at hand.

Comprehensive mediation services in Eliot, Maine

Meredith Mediates has extensive experience helping clients work through issues in their marriages, families and workplaces. Meredith’s services include:

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You can’t afford to let an issue at work halt production. If you’re noticing a decrease in productivity due to employee or workplace issues, reach out to Meredith Mediates in Eliot, Maine. Meredith offers workplace conflict resolution training and can help your employees or team improve their communication skills. She’ll teach you how to move through conflict and tackle tough issues before they become major problems.

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